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Teacher, Musician, Broadcaster, Writer
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Hello, my name is Danny Hauger. My Voice overs are available on Etsy

I began  in radio at historic KSTN 1420 in Stockton, California at 16. Since then I have broadcast thousands of hours of live radio, TV, voice over talent, and narration. 

My weekly podcast Inspiring Teachers explores the "Why" of teaching. Listen on iTunes or YouTube

My most notable radio years were spent at Angels Radio AM 830 KLAA in assocation with ESPN. As a producer, writer, and on-air talent, I generated unique and engaging content for 5 years. Voicing hundreds of commercials, co-hosting morning drive radio, and interviewing professional athletes regularly, I connected with an audience that continues to follow his work and creative projects. He has been a guest speaker on many college campuses on topics of radio, broadcasting, non-profits, and freelance writing. Other credits include TV, animation, interviews, and film. 

Danny is available for audio books, narration, v oice overs , and freelance commercial production on Fiverr !

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Explore the "Why" of teaching with amazing educators from around the United States!

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Hauger History Podcast

Mr. Hauger’s Social Studies Podcast: for Middle School Social Studies Students. This podcast features 6th, 7th, & 8th grade History standards for review, study, & learning about History topics. Listen and learn free at the Hauger History Podcast!

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